Tool Setter or named touch probe/touch sensor/tool lengh detector/tool presetter
which were mainly three types
3.laser positioning-type for different kind of usage.

Projector and laser type are very expensive and the accuracy is controversial,
a contact-type tool setter can meet the most need in industry.

Ballsum provides innovative tool setters to improve the efficiency of your machine tools.

BALLSUM tool setter


flow chart of tool setting

quick change tool

compensation tool length tool setter tool eyes

BALLSUM tool setter is often placed in a CNC machine equipped a automatic tool changer.
Ballsum tool setter can measure the size of tools before cutting begins, and check the tool wear-out or breakage during the CNC machining operation.

tool abration

tool breakage detection

Ballsum tool setters offer you an automated tool setting process,
saving human power , increase effiency,and error detection in realtime,avoid manufacturing malfunction products.
Ballsum tool setter is a necessities of each CNC machines.


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