We can accept a highest 0.0005mm tolerance customized task.
Right now, we are also an OEM factory serve many worldwide known brands.

In order to avoid controversy happened because of different cognition of quality control methods

Not only design CAD graphs is needed,
please provide us information below.

1. The brand and items of your QC facilities.
2. Please offer a block gauge with a test report measured by your QC facilities
3. Please offer the data of the QC environment such as humudity and temperature
4. Please offer the QC SOP and hand sweat or temperature detail of a trained operator.

We will estimate if a same level QC environment or device are needed to be purchased
or suggest our customer to equip same standard devices for QC.

All the QC operators are well trained and experienced at least 3 years in our company.
We are welcome our customers to visit our QC department is any controvery about quality happened.

If this agreement is agreed,
then we will authorized to provide you a quotation and deliver date.





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